Why You Should Spend More Money On HVAC Maintenance Services Than Repairs

If you compare the cost of an annual HVAC service inspection with that of a typical repair, you could be saving hundreds of dollars. As with any expensive and well-used piece of equipment, maintenance is crucial to efficiency and longevity.

Did you know that you should be spending more money on regular preventative HVAC service than repairs? If you compare your climate control system to your car, you know that you’re better off spending a few hundred dollars a year for oil changes, tune-ups, and brake pad replacement rather than a thousand or more on an overpriced repair job. Not only will your system last longer, but you won’t be stuck sweating in the middle of the summer or freezing on the coldest day in winter because you’re waiting on parts delivery. Less than a hundred dollars a year can keep your air conditioner and heater running smoothly for the next five to ten without the hassle of major repairs or new installation.

HVAC Inspection

When an HVAC service professional arrives, he will perform a variety of tests and checks to ensure that your system is working at its full potential. One of the simplest but most important components he will check and likely replace is the air filter. New filters are inexpensive, but they must be the right size to prevent leaking air and sealed within the frame so it will keep tight. Larger systems use multiple filters, so each one should be inspected and replaced if necessary. The filter traps debris and dust, preventing it from circulating through the air. When clogged, not only will it work inefficiently, but also it can cause damage to other mechanisms. Additional maintenance should be fluid checks and changes, ensuring they are topped off correctly and the proper liquid is used. Belts should be inspected and changed if necessary and electrics should be tested. 

There are other HVAC inspection checks that need to be performed every two to three years such as boiler and duct cleaning, pilot light testing, and cleaning of the air handler coils. Failing to include these tasks can greatly reduce the efficiency of your system, and the more energy your system expends the higher your bills will rise. Monitoring the expected output of your system and comparing it at regular intervals can also guarantee that everything is continuing to run at maximum performance. Habitual diagnostics can catch small hitches long before they begin to alter the functioning of the system.

If you simply can’t afford regular maintenance calls, you can reduce costs with a little DIY. As long as you can obtain a copy of your system’s original manual (if you can’t locate it, contact the company via internet or phone to have one mailed out to you) you can perform some simple but crucial tasks such as checking the air filter, cleaning obstructions from the vents, and monitoring the fluid levels. Also be sure to keep manufacturer and seller warranties handy as well. Many times they will cover the costs of parts and even labor in some cases depending on how long you’ve owned the system. You will, however , be required to use a technician approved by the company or else you might void the contract and not be entitled to any future compensation for repairs.


Proper Posture is Essential When Working Construction to Protect Your Back.

Learn the facts and then some helpful tips on how to improve your posture through simple exercises to strengthen and stretch the muscles that support your perfect posture. Improving your posture not only makes you look better but improves your breathing, reduces stress in the body, and helps you move more easily.

How many people do you see with perfect posture? When you do see someone with good posture don’t they look taller, thinner, and younger than they might be? Wouldn’t you like to have good posture too?Good posture helps your body function at its best; you breathe better, move more efficiently, have more endurance, and just look better.

Most of us feel tension and pain in our shoulders and upper back; this is often due to incorrect posture either while sitting or standing.

Learning the causes of bad posture and how it affects the tension in other areas of the body is the first step in correcting and alleviating bad habits. Next, you’ll need to know how to correct bad posture so you can move more confidently and with less pain and strain on the body.

Did you know some of these facts about posture?

  • Proper posture can help prevent many aches and pains including chronic back pain.
  • Wearing high heels regularly can lead to bad posture and back pain.
  • Being overweight can cause bad posture by pulling on the back and weakening abdominal muscles.
  • Stretching regularly can help to improve your posture.
  • When having to stand for long periods of time keep your abdominal muscles drawn in and hands at your side to improve posture and ward off back pain.
  • When you lift things with proper posture it helps to reduce injury risk. Keep the object close to you with your chest lifted, back straight, abdominal muscles drawn in, and then use the strength in your legs to lift the object not your back.
  • Good posture goes hand in hand with better balance.
  • Doing exercise that strengthens the core of the body, such as Pilates can help improve your posture.

Tips on how to improve your posture:

1. Strengthen your abdominal muscles through Pilates-based exercises. Having strong abdominal muscles supports your spine and allows you to stand up taller and with less pain.

Pilates exercises are well-known to realign the spine by correcting the length-tension imbalances in the muscles supporting the spine, pelvis, and shoulders. Thus, it assists the whole body in working more efficiently and with a stable, solid core.

2. Stretch the tight muscles, such as your hamstrings, which pull on the back muscles that cause pain resulting in a slouched posture.

3. Check your posture regularly in the mirror: Are your ears centered over your shoulders, chin parallel to the floor, chest lifted, shoulders over your hips, and abdominal muscles drawn in with a slight curve in the lower back.

4. When sitting pull your bottom right up against the back of the chair. Then stack the rest of the spine straight up so that your shoulders are right over the hips, ears over the shoulders, and your chin parallel to the floor.

5. Work on exercises that strengthen the upper and middle back muscles. Lateral rowing exercises and some of the Pilates-based mat exercises including the elbow lift lying on your stomach are just a couple to start with.

When You Work Construction You are always lifting something and putting your body in weird position which can affect your back later on throughout life.

Wearing a Posture Corrector brace while on the job allows your back to work with a little less stress on it. Upper back braces allow your back to breathe while your working on the job. If your career has you lifting boxes, tools, heavy loads, and more then a posture corrector is something you should consider wearing everyday.

Posture Correction braces align the shoulders and hold the back in place while still giving you the ability to move your arms and legs. This extra support could prevent bad injuries as you get older. These braces have prevented many workers from pulling any back muscles.


Hiring a General Contractor is Tough, Make sure you Hire a Company You Can Trust.

When deciding to make construction remodels in your home, make sure you ask these questions when looking to hire a general contractor.

If you decide to do some remodeling on your existing home or are having a new residence built from the ground up, you have a few different types of contractors to consider.

Different ones have their own specialties, and you can save money by hiring a smaller-scale provider for redecorating jobs rather than paying for a large company.

Plan out and budget how big your redecorating job will be in order to choose the right professional for the project.

If you are dreaming big and would like to add an extra room or floor to your house, a residential general contractor is the best person to consult.

They have experience with larger projects that involve architecture and design aimed at improving the living standards of the homeowner.

Just under these specialists are home improvement contractors, who work on smaller tasks such as installing new windows or cabinets. In the construction field, they are called subcontractors and work under the residential general contractors.

We recommend hiring a home improvement specialist.

Once you have planned out how large and extensive your home improvement project will be, you can start to narrow down who to hire.

If you are simply remodeling one room of your house, it makes more sense to hire a home improvement specialist because that is their area of expertise.

As long as you are not knocking down any walls or rewiring the whole room, a home improvement expert will be perfectly able to fulfill your requests.

These providers are very knowledgeable on where is the best place for any installments in the room, and can sometimes even offer decorating advice.

If your redecorating plans involve major demolition or addition of walls or rooms, a residential general contractor is the best way to go.

They will be able to organize the schedules and workers efficiently and keep the project on time and moving forward.

These experts can also offer advice when hiring subcontractors and make sure that everyone is doing their job correctly and with the right materials. Check out our friends over at general contractor sacramento for a free estimate on your commercial or residential property.

In general, if the project is going to take more than a week or it requires several different specialists, you will need a residential general contractor.

Home improvement projects are complicated and sometimes stressful, and it helps to have the right professional overseeing the process to ensure quality work.

Plan ahead and be smart about hiring a general contractor.

Plan ahead to figure out how much work your proposed job will require and how extensive the construction will be.

This way you can avoid overspending on a specialist you do not need and will have the best person for the job. This goes the same with commercial general contractors.

We trust the general contractor that we recommended above. There are the best in the business in all of California. They will give you a free estimate and fix any of your general contracting concerns.

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