There is a latest weight lose program that will surely help you effectively through Fat Burning Furnace. This your alternative way to burn fats without starving yourself and going to a gym. This method will only take you for about 45 minutes a week and all the instructions are very easy. So, if you are serious about getting in shape, it is important to know the hard facts about Fat Burning Furnace more than anything else for that matter.

It’s the latest weight loss craze, the Fat Burning Furnace. It’s what their website calls ‘the reality of push button fat loss’ and they say it will just take 45 minutes a week to do it. So as an on-the-lookout customer, it is necessary for you to know more about Fat Burning Furnace more than the taglines.

Two testimonials from the website itself show how real fast weight loss has become for them. The guy claims that it just took him 45 minutes a week, note that it’s not in a day, to lose 42 pounds and 10 inches off his belly. His wife says she’s dropped 59 pounds and eight dress sizes while enjoying fat burning foods all day. How could this be true? What is the science behind all these? For a consumer, it’s not enough to hear testimonials, there needs to be an education for a new program. One needs to know where these claims come from and how it can work for anyone as well.

The concept of Fat Burning Furnace focuses on short but efficient workout in intervals. In this way, the concept tries to prove that one’s metabolism gets boosted while building lean muscles. Rob Poulos, author, tries to contest the common notion of having to do cardio workout everytime people hit the gym. Poulos’ program discourages people from doing the classic cardio routine and work out more intensely but the shorter one.

The program, when followed religiously, can only eat up 20 minutes of your time at least thrice a week. The workout does not involve a lot of routines. It focuses on circuit weight training. This program caters to both men and women.Everything started with this theory-lifting a weight to 100% of muscle failure or to the point when you really exhausted your physical energy and stamina, you will need much energy to repair those muscles for a day or two. But while your muscles are being repaired, your calories are also being burned. Aside from that, you also increase your metabolic rate.

This can reach up to 50 calories every pound of muscle in every hour.

So that means more muscle getting built

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, more calories being burned. This is why the author thinks that it is not necessary anymore to do a warm-up exercise like running or treadmill for cardio. The book claims that they’ve done scientific research for this.